LED Displays

LED Displays

LEDs are a source of high-quality light and excellent energy efficiency. And what if they were to become an authentic means of communication? In many business contexts and in specific settings, such as service stations, lighting needs to be integrated with a suitable luminous sign system. Words, numbers and sometimes images can thus come to life on our LED displays and provide a clear, attractive and distinctive message for the user. Our studies have led to the fine-tuning of LED displays which guarantee long-term reliability and durability. Our LED systems in particular will work reliably for long periods without needing to be switched off which is an important aspect in certain situations, such as counting days without accidents in companies or institutional messages constantly displayed in communal areas. The content is managed by the customer. After choosing the specific type of LED display, the consumer is given the option of customising the content, turning the displays into a highly flexible instrument which can adapt to a variety of needs. Although they are suitable for indoor use, we have also focused on the development of LED displays to make them ideal for outdoor use as well, by studying the best technology and physical solutions to withstand bad weather, dust, humidity, salinity and all the agents that affect the efficiency and functioning of electronic devices in an unprotected environment. Thanks to the numerous optional accessories, the products can be customised, but we also offer the option of creating made-to-measure solutions, tailored to our customers’ requirements. We view new communication needs as a challenge and not a limitation. As a result, we have studied different systems that allow the displays to be connected to a PC in a variety of ways that facilitate installation, even in very remote areas, for example using GSM, GPRS, Wireless, RS232, RS422, RS485 or Ethernet technology. The displays are LED panels which can be monochrome or with 7 colours or true colour, designed with specific characteristics to adapt to different settings and situations, from single- and multi-line texts to graphics, for parking lots or service stations, companies or airports, fairs or shops. In particular, our products are divided into:
  • Fuel displays, supplied in kits to implement totems and price columns, available in the 120° SMD LED version, fitted with boards coated with a special silicone resin, heat-insulating sun shields and LEDs suitable for continuous operation 24h/day with exposure to UV sun rays.
  • Single- or dual-sided LED clocks, displaying the time, date and temperature with the option of adding relative humidity, automatic time correction, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Single-line LED panels, with scrolling message, single-sided, one colour, programming via cable, wireless, GSM and Web, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • LED graphic display, with visible LEDs, option to view from 3 to 4 different character sizes at the same time, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Multi-line LED panels, with changing message, single-sided with multiple lines for city info use, with optional pole or wall mounting, programming via cable, wireless, SGM and Web, suitable for outdoor use.
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