Fuel Displays


In petrol service stations, LED displays are the key to proactive customer communication.
The price of fuel influences the choice of motorists who prefer to stop and refuel in new, well-organised plazas.
The LED fuel displays must, therefore, effectively and efficiently convey the main message: the price.

How can you recognise the quality of Hitechled LED displays?

Technologically advanced and studied down to the very last detail, LED fuel displays offer concrete advantages, such as:

  • Excellent visibility of illuminated signs displaying numbers in all weather conditions.
  • Drastic reduction in the possibility of LED, system control and power faults.
  • Quick and easy modification of the fuel price thanks to intuitive operator control systems; all communication protocols are included.
  • Perfect functioning of the LEDs 24h/day without interruptions, even in areas with high exposure to sunlight.

Hitechled develops professional products for specialists in the lighting and communication sectors; as a result, the company understands the technical and functional needs involved and always keeps end-customer satisfaction in mind.

Hitechled LED fuel displays are the perfect solution to provide an excellent response to the needs of service station companies and those of customers who pass through them.

What about the brightness and clarity of the message in all weather conditions?
Hitechled has also thought about this and combined it with the technical specifications of its product to make the LED fuel displays the perfect solution for every professional operator.

  • Integrated control board

Protected by a 1.5-mm layer of silicone resin and a clear                   PMMA shield, the board is located on the back of a price-line.

  • Silicone resin protection

To protect the boards from damp due to condensation, Hitechled covers them with a thick layer of silicone resin, using a highly accurate automated process. This particular type of resin is unusual because it retains its elasticity and adheres to the components even during thermal expansion, guaranteeing excellent long-term protection. Furthermore, it does not chemically interact with the phosphorus of the white LEDs and so, does not speed up the process of the light decay and colour deviation.

  • Connection

The wiring between each individual display and the control board is done with a single cable that includes data and power supply, easy installation, double insulation cable and connector with silicone gasket. The safety lock ensures a reliable connection at all times, thus avoiding any malfunction of the LED fuel displays. The contacts, which are coated with oxidation-resistant metal, are suitable for use in humid environments and guarantee excellent durability.

  • LED driver

All the displays with SMD LEDs have a constant current driver, the LEDs are divided into numerous branches and connected to one another in series of just 4 LEDs. This helps to ensure that the digit is legible even in the unlikely event that a LED malfunctions.

  • Immunity from disturbances

The LED fuel display is designed to be installed in totems and columns where the cabling is typically secured with ties, often near bulbs, reactors, starters, etc. To achieve a high degree of immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, therefore, each single digit has its own microprocessor, i.e. an RS485 communication serial port and a voltage stabiliser. The data is then decrypted and filtered on the digit, eliminating any disturbances along the cables. Each display is independent of the others, so the failure of one display will not compromise the operation of the others.

  • Temperature system and brightness

The LED fuel displays have two types of sensors: temperature and brightness.

The integrated temperature sensor reduces the current in the LEDs if overheating occurs in the totem, bringing it back to normal when the temperature drops below the limit value.

The integrated brightness sensor automatically adapts the brightness of the LEDs to the ambient light. The minimum and maximum values of the brightness scale can be adjusted using the remote control.

  • Front panel

The front panel sun shield which consists of FR4 vetronite has heat insulating properties and so, acts as a shield protecting the components from UV rays and high temperatures.

  • IP65 power supply

The power supply with IP65 casing, including 1 metre of wire with eyelets on the ends, for easy connection to the control board.

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