HS12-60-12 RGB


Flexible RGB LED Strip

HS12 RGB is a flexible LED strip, very thin and suitable for luminous decorations and light effects such as fading and color sequences if added to the Hitechled HC100 RGB controller.

This product is available with 2 different protection levels IP30 and IP52. The product is very robust and reliable, it can also be subdivided.

  • Fixing:  3M adhesive
  • Subdivision:  50 mm.
  • Ends: Wires on both ends  
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • LED / meter: 60
  • W / meter: 12W
  • Lenght: 5 m.
Strisce LED HS9 120 12 RGB

      Available models

 Model Color ProtectionLuminous flux RedLuminous flux GreenLuminous flux Blue
 HS12N-60RGB12Red Green Blue IP30  10 Lm.  18 Lm. 5 Lm.
 HS12N-60RGB12Red Green Blue IP52  10 Lm.  18 Lm.  5 Lm.

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