Shapeable LED Strip

HS9-SV is a side flexible light LED strip, very thin and suitable for lighting applications and luminous decorations.

This product is available with IP30 protection and IP67 silicone extrusion. The product is very robust and reliable, it can also be subdivided.

The IP67 version can be terminated by special opal caps which become luminous avoiding light interruptions.


  • Fixing:  3M adhesive
  • Subdivision:  25 mm.
  • Ends: Silicone caps,  
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • LED / meter: 120
  • W / meter: 9,6W
  • Lenght: 5 m.
Strisce LED HS9 SV 120 12

      Modelli disponibili

 Models Color Protection CCT Luminous flux
 HS9-SV-120W12 White IP30 6000/6500 K 960 Lm.
 HS9-SV-120NW12 Natural white IP30 4000/4500 K 960 Lm.
 HS9-SV-120WW12 Warm white IP30 2700/3200 K 940 Lm.
 HS9-SV-120W12 White IP67 Extruded silicone 6000/6500 K 960 Lm.
 HS9-SV-120NW12 Bianco naturale IP67 Extruded silicone 4000/4500 K 960 Lm.
 HS9-SV-120WW12 Bianco caldo IP67 Extruded silicone 2700/3200 K 940 Lm.

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