LED Solutions for the Food Sector

LED Solutions for the Food Sector


Observation is our first choice of tool when evaluating the quality of a product. “Illuminating correctly”, therefore, means allowing the customer to comprehend, at a glance, the properties and the freshness of food, thus speeding up the selection and purchase process.

In thirty years of activity in the design and production of electronic LED systems to communicate and illuminate, plus long-term and ongoing partnerships with the most significant brands of LED production, Hitechled has gained an in-depth and well-established technical knowledge in the selection and application of light sources.

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Our hallmark is the ability to customise the product.

Dedication and ongoing commitment to research allow us to constantly offer our customers innovative and simplified solutions; ones which combine light efficiency and design, setting ourselves apart in a market featuring a very broad product offer, but one that does not always able to meet expectations.



White light is needed to provide lighting for fish that highlights the cold tones of the food, emphasising its shine and freshness. The best colour rendering is obtained through lighting using a light source with a temperature of about 4000K.

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Fruit and vegetables


Fruit and vegetables have strong colour contrasts. It is, therefore, very important to emphasise both the warm tones (red and yellow) to give shine to the products and the range of greens to give a sense of freshness to leaf products. As a result, the chromaticity coordinates of the ideal white light indicate the warmest colour temperature with a better rendering of red, green and blue



The aim is to slightly enhance the typical yellow colour of cheese, but without exaggerating, so as not to alter the white of ricotta and mozzarella. For these products, you also need to choose a specific white light, whereas the choice of colour rendering can be wider, ranging from warm to natural light, with the spectra of the prominent colours of red, green and blue.

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Illuminating meat in a professional manner, slightly enhancing the red parts but avoiding the making the white parts of the fat look yellow at all costs while minimising the pink light inside the refrigerator calls for a specific high-quality LED light, where the chromatic spectrum of red is more prominent.

Pastry goods


The elegance of the layout of pastry products inside well-designed refrigerated display cabinets certainly deserves lighting that enhances not only the sense of freshness, but also the details of the shapes and colours. The most suitable light is, therefore, white which must have all three prominent spectra of red, green and blue.

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Selective colour spectra to win over the customer

A professional LED light source to emphasise the quality and freshness of the food on display. LED technology allows the emission spectrum, colour rendering and colour temperature to be suitably modulated to communicate freshness and goodness. Our line of LED lights for food was created to provide specific, practical answers to the presentation of food displayed in horizontal and vertical refrigerated shelving and displays. Here you can see examples of different colour responses of the exposed product illuminated with standard LED light sources and LEDs with dedicated spectra
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