Modular led systems > HS6-60-12


  • Flexible 30W LED Strip light for decoration, lighting and backlighting applications.
  • 2835 SMD LED high efficiency and low luminous attenuation.
  • Production date printed on product for easy traceability.
  • Fixing with adhesive for the IP30 and IP52 versions. Fixing with clips for IP67 version.


Model Color Protection CCT/λd LEDS luminous flux
HS6N-60W12 Cool White IP30 6000/6500 K 580 lm/m
HS6N-60NW12 Natural white IP30 4000/4500 K 580 lm/m
HS6N-60WW12 Warm white IP30 2700/3200 K 550 lm/m
HS6S-60W12 Cool White IP52 Silicone Coating 6000/6500 K 580 lm/m
HS6S-60NW12 Natural white IP52 Silicone Coating 4000/4500 K 580 lm/m
HS6S-60WW12 Warm white IP52 Silicone Coating 2700/3200 K 550 lm/m
HS6E-60W12 Cool White IP67 Extrusion 6000/6500 K 580 lm/m
HS6E-60NW12 Natural white IP67 Extrusion 4000/4500 K 580 lm/m
HS6E-60WW12 Warm white IP67 Extrusion 2700/3200 K 550 lm/m


LED per meter 60 PCS
Length x Width 5000x8/10 mm
Maximum length strip connectable 5000 mm
LED Strip subdivision 50 mm (3 LEDS)
Wires Length 20AWG 150 mm
Operating Voltage DC 12 V
Power consumption 5m. strip 30 W
LED Pitch 16,67 mm
No. LED strip per Pack 1
Beam angle 120°
CRI_Color Rendering Index 80
LED Package 2835 - PLCC2
Operating Temp. Range -30 C° ~ +50 C°
Storage Temp. Range -30 C° ~ +60 C°
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